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Roommates!!! Gar!!! | March 26, 2008

I hate having roommates.  Simple as that.

I really do!  It’s not so much the seeing other people around me, because that’s just everywhere.  You go to work, boom!  People!  Need to get food at the supermarket, have to get laundry done?  Hellooo, more people!  No, the problem is waking up in the morning, wanting to crank up the Aerosmith to ensure it’s a good day (nothing ensures smiles all day like Steve Tyler belting out “Sweet Emotion” and “Crazy” back to back…I defy you to not crack at least a this-is-sublime grin!), and not being able to because – waaaahhhh – roomies are sleeping!

The biggest thing – and it happened this morning which is what’s setting this blog off – is when they start eating my food.  Not midday snack foods, no, but my lunch!  I had plans for that blueberry yogurt!  The financial part of it doesn’t really bother me, because if 70 cents is really going to break me, sweetheart, I have bigger problems than the yogurt!  I have two roommates, so I don’t know which one ate it.

Before you ask, yes, I’m sure I didn’t eat it myself.  I have my foods for the week planned out and foods for the weekends planned out.  I buy the food and drinks that I buy because I like them.  I bought them for me.  This is a real bone of contention for me, because I’ve had roommates before and this has happened before, so I know the routine of labelling my food.  I just was hoping it wouldn’t come to it in this house.  For about a month it was just me and one other roommate, and we were pretty good about just eating our own foods and leaving the other’s alone.  But now with a third woman (too much estrogen, I really wanted a guy), it seems like all the rules have been pushed to the side.

So, moving along, I get ready for work this morning only to discover two of my yogurts and at least one of my apples gone, and not by my own hand.

I’m debating whether to bring it up or not.  I may just have to keep everything in bags with my name marked on top and a slightly veiled threat of torn limbs below my name.

Am I being unreasonable?

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