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Sunburned in April | April 7, 2008

How do you even do that?  Somehow I managed it on Saturday, April 5th.  Weirdest thing, too!  It didn’t seem all that hot.  I believe it was mid 50s in temperature and there was a wind.

I walk a lot.  Seriously.  To go from my house to the library I frequent is about 3+ miles just one way.  Then there’s walking back (another 3+), not to mention making my coffee walks in the morning.  Thank God for Dunkin’ Donuts!  Probably a way of apologizing for George W. Bush.

Walking is good exercise and an excellent way to get in the fresh air, do some thinking, some planning, plan on what the next chapter in my book should be.  Not to mention the fact I’m not polluting the air with toxins, wasting money on gas, taking up space on the road and I don’t have to honk or flip some mall-rat cellphone chattering teeny-bopper who is trying to drink a bottle of water while steering.

I can’t wait to leave this area and head to California.  Do they have Dunkin’ Donuts in California?


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