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Back in NYC

January 27, 2009
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Well, things are starting to look better…somewhat…kind of….er, yay OBAMA!!!!

I’ve moved to Brooklyn, where I’ve wanted to be for quite a while now.  There’s a sense of settlement here, along with a curiosity of how I’m going to be living for a while.

A few days after moving in to a place in Borough Park, I was let go from my position.  The same position, mind you, that put the wheels in motion for my moving here in the first place.  Talk about timing.

I miss one person from Philadelphia…just one.  Yet, this same person has a huge part of my heart.  So much so, in fact, part of me wants to be out of Brooklyn and closer to him.

But I can’t do this; I fully realize it’s time to truly set down my bags and cases, and set roots here, finally making a home for myself.  There’s a tug of war going on between my heart and my head.

It’s time to (wo) man up here, grow a set and get down to business!  To do that, I have to realize the difference between “want” and “meed”.

Right now, it’s about getting a full-time job.  From there, other things will fall into place…I hope.

This person will never be out of my life, we both know that.  He has a great deal of respect for and from me.

All it takes now is confidence and the right leads.


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