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What’s the good word?

Just killing time until 5 pm when I can get out of work and go work out at the gym.  Trying harder to journal.  Gotta keep on top of my writing at least 10 pages worth of material every day!  Not easy when going through writer’s block!  Trying a little harder every day.  Hoping to get published by the end of the year.  Throwing ideas around in my head about the main character’s direction and how many more characters I want to involve in the story.  Sky’s the limit, right?

When we get the extended holiday weekends, it’s always good because it gives me time to just be on my own in front of the lap top and write endlessly.  When I’m at work, there’s too many interruptions either with the phone or people passing by.  Just when I think I’m in the middle of a lull and I get started on a new part of the story, the phone starts ringing again (and it’s usually a hang-up) or someone walks by and wants to just chit chat about very mundane things.  Hard to get a good rhythm going.

Anyway, I have to start planning and organizing for October.  It’s already the end of March (how did that happen) and I haven’t really gotten started on any of it.  I’m wondering when is the right time to look for work there, but not set off any flags with my current employer.  Looking at the San Diego area, or maybe Los Angeles or Burbank.  I don’t have a car, and everybody is saying you need a car in LA.  Not interested in getting a car, unless it’s big enough for me to live in, in which case it would probably end up being a clunker!  Not that interested in LA, but I’m sure that’s where most of the book publishing offices are.  *deep sigh*

What do I do?  What do I do?  What do I do?


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  1. Starting to blog more often now, so that I’m not so tempted to go to eBay. It’s an expensive habit I really can’t afford anymore. Planning on moving to California in late September-early October, so I gotta start selling all this rubbish I’ve accumulated! Start selling, stop shopping!

    Anyway, this is my first day on wordpress.com. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, fire away! (Don’t shoot! I meant send me a message! Put the gun down!)

    All good things!

    Comment by ta2ati2d — March 25, 2008 @ 8:07 pm

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