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I Don’t Want Another Reality Show, I Want Another Cop Show


Or…I want Homicide: Life on the Street back on prime time NBC!!

Seriously, this was one of the best written shows on TV, in tight competition with Tom Fontana’s other gem, St. Elsewhere.  The closest thing we have to a good medical drama these days is ER, or as I like to call it: St. Elsewhere: The Next Generation (bald British men need not apply; sorry Patrick)saint_elsewhere_f_1c.jpg

These were well-written, well thought out programs that touched on subjects a lot of other shows were terrified or too intimidated to touch.  The ensemble casts complemented each other perfectly.  Frank Pembleton and Tim Bayliss were a match made in heaven!  Andre Braugher has a rich talent for intensity and a propensity to intimidate without having to open his mouth.  Kyle Secor was the perfect yang to Andre’s yin.  Again, the entire cast brought the show to an extremely high bar that very few shows have been able to reach.

Thankfully, we’re still in a Law & Order generation, where SVU and Criminal Intent seem to be over-powering the prototype.  Now that the Writer’s Strike is over (thank goodness!) some of the comedies will be back to make us laugh.  Could’ve happened sooner if the big wigs could’ve just eaten some prunes to fart out their heads!

No more reality shows, no more game shows with stand up comedians! Although Howie Mandel looks like a skinny, clothed Buddha and “Deal or No Deal” has me yelling at the TV once again “don’t sell it!  You have the million, dammit!”…good times.  I wonder if Howie would mind someone rubbing his belly? 


We need Homicide back on prime time!


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