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So How Was Your Weekend?

Not having to wake up before 9 am is a wonderful feeling!  You get to be lazy a little, and it’s legit.  But only a little.  10:30 creeps around, you contemplate your navel, the meaning of life, if Beyonce` has Bono’s love child, could you feel good about calling it Bon-Bon?  Then 11 is yelling at you from the alarm clock in a Jamaican accent, saying “Git up, yee lay-zeee bahstard!  Yee only got de one job!  What da mattah witcha gull?”

Alright, it only beeps that generic, universal beeping sound, but I’m trying to give the inanimate objects in my life just a little more personality, so humor me!  I got out of bed, got dressed, put on my music and headed out the door to Dunkin’ Donuts.  That’s some fine coffee! *Your Twin Peaks joke here*.

The days really do begin better with coffee!  As soon as I left Dunkin’, I headed over to the supermarket and got enough groceries for the next two weeks (I hope), and walked home with them.  It was pretty good weather, so the walk was really quite enjoyable.  I head home, unpack both bags. * Green-friendly people alert!!  I supply my own reusable fabric bags to carry groceries!*

After all that was done, I walked to Journal Square Path Station (about 3 miles from where I live), got on the rail and went into midtown Manhattan to work out at the gym for a couple of hours and treated myself to a Jamba Juice smoothie afterwards.  I went home, chilled for the rest of the evening, and watched 3 hours of Law & Order.  THAT’S how you spend a Saturday, baby, yeah!!

Sunday wasn’t so hot, weather asides!  Having to wake up because some woman in the apartment above me was moving furniture does not guarantee a happy roll out of bed!.  Checked my email, did some writing, got some laundry done and took another walk down by Journal Square, and that was about it for me.

I need to get out of Jersey!  California’s looking better and better as each day goes by!  At least I’ll be closer to the beach, so that’s a much better way to spend my weekends!

So, how was your weekend?


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