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Spitzer swallows?

AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!…or just get you a quickie divorce!

Man, and I thought that game show on Fox was ruthless!

Now there’s another madam in the city (watch your back, Heidi Fleiss) who’s saying Ex-Governor Spitzer, or as I like to call him, Egs, was one of her top customers as well.  This just seems to get worse for the horny bugger!

I have to believe, however, that the citizens of this country are just little naive and slow to pick up that politicians and prostitutes pretty much go hand in ahh…hand.  What did you think I was going to put?  At least with the prostitutes, they’re up front about the screwing for money.  And it’s the kind of screwing everyone enjoys.  Spitzer screwed the people of NYC out of their money and pretended to be this noble and hard-nosed governor who wouldn’t tolerate misbehavior without giving you some sort of spanking!  Turns out it wasn’t his nose that was hard, and he was getting the spanking!  And liking it too!

bad-girl.jpgWhat I don’t understand is why this girl, “Kristen” or Ashley Dupre`, is in hiding?  For all intents and purposes, she’s really not the bad one here.  Everyone knew what they were getting with her.  She was acting like a little sexpot when she was in her teens!  The fact of the matter is that she is an attractive young woman, she knew this and she used it to her benefit, like anybody else would.  She went into the callgirl business with eyes wide open, fully aware of the money she’d receive for this business, and the implications that went along with it.

It’s been said time and time again that prostitution is the oldest business alive, and consequentially, the most honest.  Politics is just a variation of prostitution, minus the honesty.  Votes are bought and exchanged for guarantees and promises of security.  In politics, the promises are constantly broken.  Politicians go to bed with numerous other politicians all the time, and it costs a lot more than a threesome at the Motel 6!  Politicians are much like Andy Dick or Paris Hilton…you don’t really know the purpose of them, but they’re always in your face, so you figure “hear him out”, only to be disappointed again and again.

Yes, Kristen aka Ashley knew he was married.  Guess what?  So did he!  Silda may not have been in the room with this naughty pair, but she got a screwing anyway!


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