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Moving along

April 17, 2008
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Well, “the talk” happened last night.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s been unhappy for the past month or so.  What’s really dad is I’ve only been here for a little over 2 months.

Speaking of 2, that’s how many weeks she’s giving me to move out.  Which is fine, I’m done with the drama of her.  She’s been constantly disrespectful, constantly taking advantage of my good graces, and the personalities are not a compatible fit.  Of course, the new roommate, Ilyse, is siding with Tasha (sheep) so it’s 2 against 1.  Again, this is fine, because Ilyse seems just a little too ditzy and airheady for my liking.

Anyway, on to Craigslist!


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