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April 16, 2008
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So “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen, was just as I had expected.  That is to say, it was a great book I really didn’t want to end.  It’s kind of like “Titanic” where you know how it’s going to end, but  you still get heartbroken all the same.  A great love story, Water for Elephants got me upset and slightly glassy-eyed when she goes into some detail of the abuse one of the main characters puts Rosie the Elephant through.  Anyone whose ever seen the horrors on the news shows, those bull hooks some trainers use to keep the elephants, or “bulls”, in line.  Those hooks are just that; they’re sharp picks that can tear through the elephant’s hide, creating torturous pain and leave scars.  Elephants would stampede in the circus once they’ve finally had as much abuse as they can take and strike back.

The first time I ever heard about that was 20+ years ago, on “A Current Affair” and it had me extremely upset.  I had only been to a circus maybe once or twice in my life, but my grandparents would take me to Busch Gardens in Florida pretty often, and I would ride the elephants there.  After hearing about these stories at ten or eleven years old, I swore to boycotting all of it, wishing elephants the freedom in the wild, as they deserve.

To summarize, this is an excellent book!  Truly worth reading and consuming every word printed.  Ms. Gruen did a superb job, and I look forward to reading her other works now.

The next book is “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks, about an Australian woman who is a book conservationist who finds an antique gem of a book, and is trying to figure out the history it’s had.

First of all, this feels like CSI: Library.  I’m only 20 or so pages into it, but it’s really good so far!  Secondly, I didn’t even know you could be a book conservationist!  I’ve totally missed my calling.  Why wasn’t I told about this in the career placement classes at my high school?  I would’ve sold my eggs to get into college so I could have this profession!  

I have no idea where this book is going to take me, but I’m ready for the ride!


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