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Out of control

April 10, 2008
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Adults, and more specifically, parents, are so concerned with being “friends” and “cool” with their kids, they’ve lost almost all focus with the fact that they are, in fact, the parents! They decided to bring the child into this world, nobody else. They are the child(ren)’s guides into this world. The parents are the kids initial teachers.

You’re probably asking “Do you have any kids?”

No. I don’t want children. There was a time, 10+ years ago, where I thought I wanted 2 or 3, but in this day and age? Where I would a bring a child into this world, only to have to constantly worry and panic about whether or not I can protect it from the world? I don’t think it’s just the pedophiles and murderers we have to worry about now. We have to worry about protecting our kids from other kids now too!


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