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Thursday wins Best Day of the Week!!

And what a day it was!!

It started in the usual fashion, but as soon as the work day was done (5pm, though I snuck out a few minutes early) I walked from Wall Street to Mid-town.  On the way to the Path Station across from Penn, I stopped by The Strand Bookstore on Broadway and 12th (greatest bookstore EVER!!!!) and a movie was being shot outside. 

Now, one thing you should know if it hasn’t already been indicated, but I’m a huge movie buff!  Used to work at Blockbuster, and worked for a few other stores as well, all great experiences and was usually the favoured employee because I could always answer the customers questions quickly and accurately.

Back to The Strand and the movie.  The woman who plays Chloe in “24”, Mary Lynn Rajskub, was there, and I got to meet her!  She was the only familiar face I could spot.  Still, a very cool experience to see a movie set, and definitely not uncommon in NYC, as movies are always being shot there at any given time.  Still, it gives me a thrill…I’m easy!

So as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, as I’m walking further down Broadway and headed towards Union Square, you can hear music being played, live music, and there’s orange everywhere!!!!  The ASPCA is doing a free concert and have stands everywhere for animal lovers.  You can adopt pets there, you can get your pets paw prints put in cement like a Hollywood celebrity, get advice on the best care for your pet, meet some of the cops from Animal Planet’s “Animal Precinct”, and rock out with your dogs out to Blue Oyster Cult’s founder Joe Bouchard and his band “The X Brothers”!  They had Dennis Dunaway, from Alice Cooper, perform with them and Marky Ramone on drums!  At the end of the evening, President and CEO of the ASPCA, Ed Sayres, came up to the stage and made a speech, including the fact that Michael Vick is now in jail because of the dog abuse charges brought on by ASPCA.  Mr. Sayres also noted the irony of ironies; Michael Vick is more than likely wearing orange in jail!  How’s that for a true victory?!?!

It was the perfect evening!  I got to shake Marky Ramone’s hand, got his autograph, listened to some fantastic music, got to pet and make friends with some new dogs (they were all soooo cute!), and basically got a good feeling all around.  The weather was awesome for a rock concert, and that belief that there really are some genuinely good people in the world is renewed.

So Thursday most definitely takes the award for Best Day of The Week!


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