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Time is running out! AIDS Walk is right around the corner!

I bet you thought I was talking about tax time, didn’t you?  Silly!!!

I’m debating whether to pay taxes this year.  Worst case scenario, they track me down and throw me in jail.  Then I get free health and dental care, the state pays for my college education and I never have to worry about what to wear from one day to the next.  Sure, there’s the inevitable stand-off in the bathroom (don’t drop the soap!), but I think I can run pretty fast on wet tile.

In all seriousness (I can try), the AIDS Walk in NYC is May 18th, and I’m looking to raise $3000 for the event.  I will be walking with thousands of others who realize this is a problem that has not gone away and most certainly has not been forgotten.  Why $3000?  I honestly don’t know why I picked that number.  I didn’t want to shoot too low, but I wanted to be realistic about what I could do and who I knew who could help me.  Funny thing is, a bloke in England might be endorsing me in this.  Here’s fingers crossed!

If you’re interested in helping out for a wonderful fundraiser, the page to donate on is http://aidswalknewyork2008.kintera.org/ta2ati2d

So, if you think you’d like to donate any amount, please do visit the page and endorse/sponsor/help me.

Oh, and I was kidding about the taxes bit.  I’m paying. Heh…April Fools!! 🙂


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